An early pregnancy scan is an ultrasound that is performed on pregnant women before their first 12 week appointment (Dating scan).The perfect time to opt for an early pregnancy scan is within the first 7 to 11 weeks.

At 7-weeks it becomes possible to examine your baby by simply doing the abdominal scan. A full bladder is required.

Most women will inevitably go through stages of feeling anxious when they initially find out they are pregnant, especially women who fall under the high-risk category.  Women over the age of 40 or women who have had previous complications and/or miscarriage. 

Our early reassurance scan

  • provides you with the reassurance you need that all is progressing well with your pregnancy
  • Confirm a single or multiple pregnancy
  • Confirm your baby’s heartbeat and ensure that the fetus is within the uterus, ruling out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy
  • Our experienced midwife sonographer will also establish the measurements of your baby from crown to rump, which will provide you with the gestational age (How many weeks you are) and an estimated expected due date.
  • Finally, you get an opportunity to see the baby develop, for the 1st time, without waiting for too long for your 12 week scan.

A detailed report of your reassurance scan is provided for you to take home, which will contain all the information obtained during the scan and you will also receive two thermal images.