Being pregnant often means that you feel hotter than usual.

 If you already have difficulty sleeping due to your bump, being hot during pregnancy can make for an even more restless night.

Here are our top tips for coping with the heat when you’re pregnant.

Keeping Hydrated

We are all told to keep up our water intake in pregnancy but now, in the heat, it’s even more important.

Drink plenty of cold, iced water, ice cream or lolly ice’s which will not only keep you hydrated but will cool you down too.

Eat chilled foods, particularly salads, vegetables and fruit with a high-water content.

Cold hands and feet

Keeping your feet and hands cooler will help you cool down all over, so put your feet in a bowl or bath of cold water, or you could even sit with your feet in a paddling pool.
This will also help to relieve swollen ankles. If you’re at work or out and about, try putting your hands and wrists under cold water.

At night, try wrap a cold cloth around them. Holding ice cubes against the pulse points in your wrists is another good tip. Cool showers/ baths can also help.


Fans are amazing! An electric fan in the bedroom may help you get a more restful night and you could ask for one at work if the office or workplace is not air conditioned.

Pop a fold-up fan in your handbag for when you’re out and about – especially on hot buses and trains – or invest in a small battery fan.

Keeping cool

Keeping your head cool can help you feel more comfortable. If you have long hair, wear it up off your face and neck so that cooling breezes can get to your skin more easily.

Cooling sprays on the forehead and back of the neck are also great instant coolers; again, you can use a plant spray container or you could splash out on a mineral water spray from a pharmacy.

Wear loose clothing made of cotton or other natural fibres.