During you pregnancy it is very important to take care of yourself. Here are some of the best ways to practice self care while your pregnant.

Pregnancy Journal

Documenting your pregnancy week by week or month by month. Logging your symptoms, babies movements, bump pictures.

Special moments to look back on and taking out time to bond with your bump.

Pamper evening/day

Enjoy a relaxing bath with a face mask.

Reading a book or watching your favourite film.

Enjoying your favourite snacks with a mocktail.

Quality time with a loved one.

Pregnancy Yoga/ Meditation

Taking some time out to enjoy some pregnancy stretches and mindfulness. Time to relax from any stress or worries, help you find more comfort within your pregnancy, bond with baby and get a better night’s sleep.

We have a fully qualified yoga teacher here at Catch a Glimpse. Please feel free to call for any advice needed.


Getting out in the fresh air to enjoy a walk, maybe listening to your favourite podcast or your favourite music or enjoying a lovely chat with a friend/family member.

Shopping for baby or yourself

When your pregnant it’s very easy to shop for your new arrival so making sometime to not just shop for baby but also yourself.

Maybe buying some extra comfortable loungewear or pyjamas.

Some new skincare or bath products.

Lunch or coffee with a friend, family member

Enjoying quality time with a loved one, getting a coffee and cake or going out for lunch.

Spending time with the people that make us happy.

Pregnancy massage

Treating yourself to a pregnancy massage, special time to enjoy some relaxation and baby bonding before your little one arrives.