22 - 42 Weeks

Pregnancy Growth Scan

£65/£70 for a Saturday


(Deposit: £10.00)

  • Fetal presentation.
  • Fetal growth (estimated fetal weight).
  • Fetal amniotic volume.
  • Placental location.
  • Doppler assessment of the umbilical artery to assess placental circulation to and from baby.
  • Kidneys, stomach, bladder and diaphragm will also be reviewed.
  • 2 x black and white images.
  • Full detailed report.
  • 30 minute appointment.


Growth Scan

The excitement around early scans and gender reveal scans can help to alleviate any anxiety for you.  It also allows you to enjoy the early stages of pregnancy without worrying about the initial progress of your baby.

However, it’s also important to be informed about developments in the third trimester of the pregnancy. If you have not seen your baby since 20 weeks and wish to know how your baby is growing, please join us at Catch a Glimpse and get a fully detailed and comprehensive scan on the development of your baby and key information on how your pregnancy is going.

Our experienced midwife sonographer will measure your baby’s head, abdomen and femur to provide an estimated fetal weight. We will also review the amniotic fluid, placental location and assess the Doppler blood flow in the umbilical cord blood vessels to ensure your baby is getting adequate oxygen and nutrients via the placenta.

Pregnancy wellbeing  scans are not routinely offered at your local maternity unit and we are proud to offer this fully comprehensive service to our clients.

If we suspect small for gestational age, large for gestational age, abnormal Doppler blood flow, or any other concerns we will advise you accordingly.

We will also telephone your maternity unit for an appointment to be arranged with your midwife/consultant so you can get the treatment you need should you need it.

How to book your baby scan costs?

It’s easy to book your Pregnancy Growth Scan online.

  • Simply select a day that suits you.
  • You will then be presented with half hour consultation slots.
  • Select the one you want and pay your £10 non –  refundable deposit online.
  • This will secure your appointment and you can pay the balance on the day of your pregnancy scan.
  • Please note, due to limited appointments on a Saturday, a supplement weekend charge of £5.00 is added to your booking.



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