36 - 40 Weeks

Presentation Scan



(Deposit: £10.00)

  • Check baby’s heartbeat.
  • Check baby is head down (Cephalic
  • 2 x black and white images (further images available upon request)


Presentation scans from 36 weeks.

Would you like confirmation that your baby is head down (cephalic) prior to delivery, to avoid an undiagnosed breach presentation at term?
This will greatly reduce the risk of an undiagnosed breech presentation at term. This will then give you the opportunity to have your baby turned to a head down position ( cephalic) at your local maternity unit.
Breech births can be hazardous and tricky to diagnose. It can sometimes be missed by the community midwife if baby is in a difficult position. Currently, midwives and doctors tend to rely on the shape and feel of the mother’s bump to check.
If you wish to upgrade to a full growth scan on the day please advise upon arrival.
Scans undertaken from 18 years of age 


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